Wasps are certainly a frequent stinging pest in the Pico Rivera vicinity and one many people are not really that partial to, but would prefer over more dangerous stinging insects. The appearance of a wasp will depend on the type it is however, most have got two pairs of wings and pinched waists.

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Just like bees, some wasps are sociable and live in colonies, consisting of anywhere from 100s to thousands of wasps. Females are in control of chores in the colony and manage the offspring. Solitary wasps do not need to have a colony because they opt to live on their own and also produce offspring, but they do not stay with the eggs in the meantime.

Pico Rivera contains both aggressive and parasitic wasps. Aggressive wasps are not always an undesirable pest because they will prey on various other pests nearby in order to nourish their larvae. Parasitic wasps will lay offspring but not in the nest; they’re going to lay their eggs inside a spider or caterpillar from where the larvae will have steady food through the surviving host.

Not all wasps are dangerous but those that are can certainly hurt if they sting you. However, they can sting multiple times if necessary. While they tend to be annoying pests to have, they do have a benefit which happens to be destroying the unwanted pests that put vegetation and plant life in danger.

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