Hornet Removal in Pico Rivera

There are only around 20 species of genuine hornets in the world. The main one real specie of a true hornet in the U.S. is the European hornet. As its title implies, the European hornet is an added species that came to the U.S. from Europe and has adapted to numerous areas of North America. It’s possible to distinguish the European hornet by observing it’s color and length; brown and yellow, 1.5 in. long.

Yet another common pest which you have likely heard of, the ‘baldfaced’ hornet, isn’t an authentic hornet. This unwanted pest is commonly one inch in length and black and white in color. The behavior and routines of the European hornet as well as the baldfaced hornet are really similar to yellow jackets, that are : in reality wasps. Size is one of the most effortlessly identified distinction seeing as yellow jackets are smaller compared to hornets.

Should you find an aerial nest that’s spherical and as large as a basketball (normally found in trees) you might have uncovered a baldfaced hornet colony. Once you notice a nest within a empty tree, inside of a wall, crawl space or around the patio, it’s likely a European hornet nest. Hornet nests are constructed with paper-like matter created by the hornets mixing their spit with wood they obtain. Throughout the nest-building time of year, it may not be odd to witness a hornet scraping away a very thin layer of wood off a real wood fence, an old log or even outside of any unpainted wooden structure.

Even though hornets are known for their ability to inflict an agonizing sting, they happen to be very helpful predators and help to handle numerous bugs that may otherwise end up being pests. Hornets are actually social so it is unlikely you will see independent hornets and rather will come across a group at a time. They are simply extremely protective of their nests therefore it is crucial that you don’t handle one if you happen to uncover one. Although it is not as intense as yellow jackets, the baldfaced hornet, and also to a smaller degree, the European hornet, instantly and assertively guard their colony when suspecting any threat.

We recommend seeking the guidance of a skilled professional before taking any action to deal with a hornet nest. Give us a call at (562) 444-1050 to learn more about our hornet control treatments.