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Thank you for visiting Superior Termite Control Pico Rivera! We provide a variety of treatments for those pesky pests but we specialize in termite treatments; aka, the silent destroyer! Termites can easily be prevented with regular inspections and professional assistance at the very first instance you suspect an issue.

Termites can be one of the more hated pests due to the considerable (and costly) havoc they could lead to. Termites are gurus at staying out of sight and quietly shredding your home apart. Termites may devour cellulose-based components of which just happens to be in most properties.

Having said that, there are more risks in relation to termites rather than just to your property. Termites might also harm foundations, pieces of furniture, books, and a lot more.These workers are only one cm up to a few mm in size but this doesn’t impact the extensive harm they can quite easily bring about.

superior termite control pico rivera

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Pico Rivera Termite Protection & Prevention Steps

You can prevent termites using the effective defense and prevention strategies, including getting rid of moisture and possible food materials for termites. These pointers could help you additionally improve the protection from termites all over your place:

  • Correct leaks; sinks, plumbing, AC units, and so forth.
  • Keeping the rain gutters thoroughly clean routinely can minimize the risk of attracting unwanted termites.
  • Keeping the rain gutters thoroughly clean routinely can minimize the risk of attracting unwanted termites.
  • There should be a slight downward slope in the yard surrounding the basic foundation to ensure that water runs out from the building correctly.
  • Get rid of any extra mulch or coverings you may have situated near to the home’s outside walls.
  • Make sure the roof is properly functioning and no puddles of water is found.
  • Examine your air vents around the house to ensure there are not any obstructions.
  • Prevent termites from trying to get inside by reviewing and fixing any entry points in the water pipes and utility lines.
  • Should you locate any vents that do not have screens, install them.
  • Always keep necessary wood debris (lumber, etc.) a good distance away from your house.
  • Termite devastation is usually seen on fencing and porches all around the property so have a look at these routinely for any signs.
  • Clear away any firewood, paper items, and timber from near the foundation and your crawl space.

Identifying a Termite Problem

There are certain indicators to look out for that will signify a pre-existing termite problem. Warning signs of a termite problem include a swarm of winged insects (termites) temporarily inside your home, termite frass (waste), empty wood or wood that seems to be hollow when you tap on it, dirt tunnels and tubes on the outside walls, or even wings abandoned by swarmers; commonly located near doors and windows.

In the event you aren’t certain if active termites are actually currently on your property or you only desire to question defending your building from termites, just call us at (562) 444-1050. We can help you get scheduled for a termite inspection or even a treatment for those who have already verified active termites.